Alternative Energy

New solar device a big breakthrough

While many of the solar power generation systems do a good job of harnessing the sun’s rays and converting them to energy, a new system will also use the heat these rays generate to create greater efficiency.

Researchers at Wake… Continue reading

Boeing to build massive solar generation system

One of the world’s leading jet manufacturers recently announced that it would soon build the largest solar power generation system in the Southeastern U.S.

Earlier this week, Boeing revealed that it would build a 2.6 megawatt solar generation system on… Continue reading

Which Type of Renewable Energy is Right for Your Home?

Depending on where you live, there are several types of renewable
energy sources that can be used to power your home sustainably and
to save on your energy costs.
The type of renewable energy used in a residential home will… Continue reading

Green Heating Options for the Modern Home

One of the biggest costs of operating a home is the energy that you
use to heat the home to a comfortable temperature, and to heat the
water that you use for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Learn about
the growing… Continue reading

Alternative Energy for Dumbies

Here’s a book I think every home should have!
That’s a pretty bold statement, but have you seen “Alternative
Energy For Dummies”?

Alternative Energy For Dummies.

You know, I laugh at this series a bit, but I was totally… Continue reading

Lighting Audits

A lighting audit is the simplest and most effective way to evaluate the current lighting system and identify methods of reducing long-term operating costs. Many building owners may ask, “Why do I need a lighting audit? I have a reflected… Continue reading

CO2 as renewable energy storage vessel

United Kingdom, January 21 – Research from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) shows that CO2 could be used, amongst other things, as storage for renewable energy.

As part of its research into electrochemical conversion of CO2, DNV has assembled a demonstration… Continue reading

Sustainability Commission, LLC

Hi Valued Customer,

We invite you to join us in creating Michigan’s Green Economy. Sustainability Commission, LLC is a local company that offers businesses affordable Green products and services directly through our website:
Sustainability Commission has formed a partnership… Continue reading

Cleantech Boosts Jobs in Specific Regions and Segments

As the nation seemingly and slowly pulls out from deep recession there is indication that cleantech sector employment is helping to lift some areas of the country and is starting to provide some jobs in what has been a painfully… Continue reading

Solar Wind Power – Combining Two Technologies to Achieve Ene

The power of the sun is responsible for producing solar energy and
wind energy. Humans have been using solar and wind energy in some
form since ancient times for illumination, warmth and power. It
took modern man a long time… Continue reading

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