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2014. Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

2014 is sure to be an interesting ride. While it is never easy to predict with certainty what is likely to happen, I believe as we prepare for 2014 there are some trends that will impact our industry and we… Continue reading

What 5 things do property managers struggle with the most?

One item is the barrage of monthly financial statements and narratives. The numbers are what they are but asset managers want a story to back them up instead of a simple explanation.

2. A property manager is in a no… Continue reading

Energy efficiency and Weight Watchers

We’ve been hearing for years that the energy efficiency industry needs to find its equivalent to the cell phone. These days industry folks refer to it as the ‘killer app,” the revolutionary product or service that consumers can’t resist.

But… Continue reading

Water Cooled v. Air Cooled Myth

What myth? That water cooled chillers are more efficient than air cooled chillers. I believe what fuels this belief is that evaluations may ONLY look at compressor electrical cost and not the total operating costs associated with running the… Continue reading

Hail, Ice, Snow Can Damage Roofs

A weather event with damage that is tricky to diagnose on the roof is hail. The damage can be hard to see and may take a while to manifest itself, says Hoff. It may seem that the only possible damage… Continue reading

What is smart grid?

Smart grid comes with computer and communications technology added to the existing electricity grid. the smart grid promises to operate more efficiently and reliably with more controls. It can also accommodate more solar and wind power energy sources into the… Continue reading

Aligning Real Estate Strategy with Corporate Sustainability

Fact: According to the recent UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO Study, “93% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues will be critical to the future of their business and 96% of CEOs believe that sustainability issues should be fully integrated into the… Continue reading

What do you think is the most important investments you can make?

Here are what I believe are the top investments that can be made in a facility to make us more efficient and competitive. As building owners, I’m betting many of you think that these are only cost centers and will… Continue reading

Solar ROI Analysis

Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis
Few solar customers justify the purchase of a PV system solely on the good feeling of owning a renewable energy system. Most enjoy the thought of producing and consuming clean energy, but they require a… Continue reading

AEP Solution Provider

Synergy Mechanical is now a Solution Provider and can help you receive incentive monies when reducing your electric bill. This includes all HVAC, Refrigeration, Lighting, Motors and VFD’s and any other ways to reduce your electrical consumption and demand.

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