Technical Tips

Chiller Plant Control

Chilled water plants tend to be one of the most energy intensive areas of a commercial building.  These plants can range from fairly basic to very complicated.  Despite the importance of these plants for efficient building operations,… Continue reading

Integrated Automation Systems Improve Building Automation

How including advanced embedded HMI into BAS increases energy efficiency while improving worker productivity and safety.

A monumental shift is occurring in building automation. The formerly separate silos of security, HVAC and lighting control are being replaced by a completely… Continue reading

Tower System Operating Costs Summary

This newsletter summarizes some of the previous newsletters that examined cooling tower system operating costs and how to optimize or reduce them.

Fiberglass Tower

Pump Tank

To review, we looked at various the tower supply water temperatures and evaluated the… Continue reading

Energy Savings

Ventilation helps with moisture control and reducing summer cooling bills. Attic vents can be installed along the entire ceiling cavity to help ensure proper airflow from the soffit to the attic to make a home more comfortable and energy efficient.… Continue reading

SAVE-T® Air Curtains / Air Doors. Check them out!

TMI’s new line of Save-T air curtains feature a uniquely-designed air compression chamber that makes use of the Coanda effect principle to collect air as it leaves the blowers and compress it into a concentrated stream, which effectively covers the… Continue reading

Stop turning your thermostat down

Are you fed up with alternative energy and conservation experts that insult your intelligence by asking you to turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees so you don’t use as much energy in the winter?

They say to put on… Continue reading

Not Cooling, What Now

In basic terms, cooling removes heat from one area or object (hot side)and transfers it to another area or object (cold side). Let’s use the heat exchanger as a method for troubleshooting our cooling problem. But…a little background information first.… Continue reading

How much does your tower fan cost to run?

And what can be done about it?

This newsletter looks at tower fan operating costs at various tower supply water temperatures. We will estimate the yearly costs using fan cycling and variable speed control methods. See chart below.

Cooling towers… Continue reading

Variable Speed Control

Variable speed control impact on pumping costs
In the last two newsletters, the focus was on tower fan and pump operating costs at various supply temperatures. Thus far, the conclusion is to run the tower temperature between 75oF and 80oF… Continue reading

Pump Operation Test

Process Cooling Technical Tips
Pump Operation Test
Your pump isn’t working now what?

I thought that I would take a departure from the recent newsletter topics and discuss something that may be more “practical.”

Let’s first narrow down the possibilities… Continue reading

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