Vibration Analysis

WHY Check Vibration?

Earthquakes rattle places like California frequently. Most are small; some are perceived only by instruments. Today we reach out to those in Japan and New Zealand who have experienced the most recent earthquakes, and those in the Pacific who have… Continue reading

Using Vibration Analysis to diagnose misalignment

It is possible to use a VSA™ Vibration Spectrum Analyzer to diagnose misalignment between two rotating devices with an inline interconnection.


A pump in a manufacturing facility had always been noisy but levels had gradually increased to the point… Continue reading

Datastick Sharpener™ Peak Clarification Technology

We are used to getting repeatable high-resolution results from instrumentation, but we sometimes take the results for granted while forgetting that some of the underlying signal processing functions in the instrumentation have well-documented intrinsic hidden errors.

A significant source of… Continue reading

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