Service Manager Position Open

Service Managers Position

Synergy Mechanical is the service division of Ohio Service Group.  Synergy is a part of a company that has been around Central Ohio and Columbus since 1874.  Synergy’s sister company, Columbus Heating and Ventilating Company… Continue reading

2014. Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

2014 is sure to be an interesting ride. While it is never easy to predict with certainty what is likely to happen, I believe as we prepare for 2014 there are some trends that will impact our industry and we… Continue reading

Chiller Plant Control

Chilled water plants tend to be one of the most energy intensive areas of a commercial building.  These plants can range from fairly basic to very complicated.  Despite the importance of these plants for efficient building operations,… Continue reading

Integrated Automation Systems Improve Building Automation

How including advanced embedded HMI into BAS increases energy efficiency while improving worker productivity and safety.

A monumental shift is occurring in building automation. The formerly separate silos of security, HVAC and lighting control are being replaced by a completely… Continue reading

Lighting Up LEDs

“Out with the Romex Wire: In with Category 6 Cable”

The relentless penetration of IT has a long history of changing building systems; transforming analog phones to digital phones, changing analog surveillance cameras, IP-enabled access control, IPTV as well as… Continue reading

The Future of Building Energy Savings

Uniting Building Automation & Utilities

Many studies have been conducted regarding energy costs and building operation since the birth of automated building control systems. The upgrade from pneumatics to Energy Management Systems (EMS) has allowed operators the ability to closely… Continue reading

The Truth Behind Building Automation – Deciphering Fact from Fiction

We’ve all been told to spend more money on building automation, but is everything you’ve heard actually true? Is this new revolutionary automation system you’ve installed really going to save you money? Should you upgrade your current system to make… Continue reading

Intellidyne The Power to Save

Success Stories – Testimonials

Freeport Puts Intellidyne Thermostats to the Test

“When officials from Intellidyne in Glen Cove approached the Village of Freeport last year with a sophisticated  thermostat that the company said would save 10 to 40 percent… Continue reading

Controlling CO2 Levels in Public Spaces

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have determined that moderate to high levels of indoor Carbon Dioxide can impair people’s abilities to make decisions.  Levels as low as 1,000 to 2,500 ppm can impede the decision making process.  … Continue reading

Tower System Operating Costs Summary

This newsletter summarizes some of the previous newsletters that examined cooling tower system operating costs and how to optimize or reduce them.

Fiberglass Tower

Pump Tank

To review, we looked at various the tower supply water temperatures and evaluated the… Continue reading

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