Synergy Service

Service is all about providing solutions to the issues that matter to you. We will listen and respond to your needs with commitment, expertise, and reliability. You can depend on us to provide the highest quality of service to meet your needs.

Synergy Partnership
Partnership is an on-going relationship with our customers. Our business depends upon a long -term, mutually beneficial, relationship with you. Our intent is to help you. It all adds to Peak Performance.

Synergy Solutions
Solutions are customized plans to fit your needs. We have many ways to help you solve many of you facilities needs. We can help design a program to solve the problem and them implement and maintain the solution.

Out of Sight Out of Mind Out of Whack

Systems today are designed to work pretty much on their own. Out of sight and out of mind. Until they go out of whack. Then you are out of luck.

Out of the question, you say. Your maintenance program covers all mechanical and electrical systems. An air conditioning man checks out the air conditioning components. A heating man checks the furnace and boiler. Security people attend to their various alarm and monitoring devices. And so on down the line. Every system has an expert.

But who is looking at the invisible relationships between your systems? Who is evaluating the way they interact?

With Peak Performance Maintenance we can. It is something you don’t get in piecemeal maintenance agreements. The Synergy Service Team is a systems team, trained to observe hidden linkages of cause and effect. We look at your filters and coils and tell you why you are using too much energy. We can look at your thermostats and tell you why your air conditioning and heating equipment are putting in too much overtime.

We can help you lower your utility bills, extend the life of your equipment or replace the parts or all of the equipment that is needed.

Peak Performance Maintenance can cover a single system, several or all of your building systems. We have the experience to service all your systems and makes. With us, you won’t have to deal with a truckload of suppliers. We are your single source.


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